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My first day

Today I began my first day as a film and production intern at Birchwood Highland. I will be with the charity for around 10 weeks producing a documentary short film about the company and its positive behaviours.

I will be living in Inverness this summer while I’m at Birchwood although this morning I commuted from Pitlochry. My first day was spent by mainly filling out various paperwork and settling into the team’s main head office in the heart of Inverness. In the afternoon I was shown where my desk will be and where I could set up my own space to work from while I’m with the charity.

We outlined my initial ideas for the documentary; I favoured a 15 -25 minute documentary style short film which would be mainly based on the staff at Birchwood. There was then talk that I could produce several shorter videos that would be useful for application on social media and different elements of the website. In addition following the completion of this internship Birchwood would like me to film the events at this year’s belladrum festival although this would be under a separate agreement nearer the time.

Initial thoughts are really positive, there is a fantastic sense of community within the company and all of the staff I met today are very kind and welcoming. I believe this is could make the short film seem very real and close to heart providing a lasting memory

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