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A trip to Invergordon

Today we took a trip up to Invergordon, which is around a 30 minutes’ drive north of Inverness. Invergordon is one of Birchwood Highland’s Support worker hubs that deal with service user’s living as far north as Dornoch. We met for lunch with the group of support workers to discuss when would be suitable to meet again and hopefully gain some video footage of this side of the charity.

It soon became apparent that a few of the service users had already agreed to be interviewed for the film I will be making. I was told that there were some great stories these individuals had to tell although I should be cautious when doing so as some of them can be very sensitive to outsiders/new individuals.

In addition to planning the interviews with service users, we also have planned to take some footage and possible interviews of the support workers. What also might be useful would be to follow the support workers and service users in a fly on the wall style film showing an average day in the life of an individual.

We have arranged to travel back to film on the 18th, 19th and 22nd of June.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting with these people again and begin my filming. Once again speaking with the staff I gained a very close nit relationship within the employees and a real sense of community throughout.

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