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Post-it Brainstorming

Today I looked to gathering together different aspects of research I have sourced within the charity of Birtchwood highland. I collated my desk research which I have done on the company, looking into the charities website; its ethos and business model, news articles and related Charites that work with birchwood in an around Inverness and across Scotland providing different activities and facilities. As well as research on mental-ill health related industries and new ways being published on how to tackle stereotypes and stigma towards the sector. In addition to adding the insights I have taken from my first week within the charity; who the people are and how they work together. What the support service is like in Invergordan and how a dedicated team of employees and volunteers provide assistance at home to a group of 200+ service users from Easter-ross to Dornoch.

In addition to looking into Birchwood Highland and mental ill heath as an industry I have been looking at interviewing and documentary filming techniques in preparation to begin filming hopefully next week or the week after. I want to produce a strong film that best shows off the work of the charity and am looking as to how I can make the interviews during the film, look their best.

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