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Filming in Fort William

Today I travelled back down south to Fort William to collect a little more footage from the centre and Locahber area.

Today a lot of the service users and residents were very keen to be filmed on camera and asked some basic questions, which was really nice to see.

Was great to catch up with the team down here and ask how their plant sale went and find out how much money they had raised as a team! Its fantastic to see things like this where the residents have grown the plants, organised the sale, sold the items and now decide where the money will be spent. I definitely want to touch on this in the film/documentary at some point or other.

The filming was really useful in the morning and I believe I have some great interview footage I will be able to use, there are some great characters here in fort William!

In the afternoon I took part in the weekly art club activity which at the moment is working on a ceramics project. The group are using recycled (broken) tiles and beads to create different mosaic murals over a 4 week project. The murals look fantastic so far and will hopefully be back to see how they are getting on next Thursday.

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