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Hitting play for the first time.

Is it finished? Something I've had to ask myself about 10 times this week alone. Today for the first time I can finally say I have finished the documentary film for Birchwood highland, Inverness. Producing the film has been a brilliant experience! Not only have I had the chance to live in a different Scottish city for 4 months, I have had a fantastic time honing my skills and expertise in writing, filming, editing and producing. This is the first time I have worked solely on such a massive project and I have extremely pleased with the final resulting product. Looking back; experience in both interviewing & editing are two avenues I have extensively exhausted, and although I made a few mistakes, I've been able to refine and improve my filmmaking process and professional video expertise. This week the only other producer working on this project, Paulina Duncan; will review progress to date during my time at Birchwood and look to giver her approval for the release of my work creating their documentary film.

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