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Final Year Project

Here you can see a concept video for my personal hons project: Distil, the Whisky Guide.

My personal hons project was an 8 month design module in which I was able to research, design, craft and build my own product in my own chosen design field. I have created a handheld whisky guide to help interaction and learning whilst on Scottish distillery tours.

Distil is an interactive handheld product, to guide visitors through Scotch whisky distilleries; helping them engage with the process and appreciate Scotland’s most complex spirit. Designed to arouse the senses and enhance the learning process, Distil stores the vital ingredients along the journey of the distilling production and allows visitors a nosing and tasting of the resulting whisky. A bespoke handcrafted souvenir, incorporating elements of history and heritage providing a lasting memory. A Product Design concept designed by James Williams Film by James Williams

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